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A Wood Heart


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It is common knowledge that trees can not scream; although when the axe first touched that great oak, you would not have been so sure. The crack of blade on wood rang out around the forest and, in an instant, the cries of uncountable numbers of birds arose from the canopy. The axe kept coming, blow after blow and the sound of life in the forest grew louder with each strike; while the tree just stood there, gravely still and silent.

Finally the tree fell and, when the sound of it hitting the floor had died, there was nothing left but silence. Not the silence of the forest, the silence of a million unseen lives busily going about their jobs. No, this was a complete and deathly silence, as if the forest itself had ceased with the tree.

A Wood Heart is tarot-driven GM-less map-making game. It is a melancholy ritual about a forest that is slowly dying from human hands, and about the spirits that guide and protect that forest. Minimalist and soft design and simple, elegant rules make this a great (albeit quite sad) game for newcomers to TTRPGs or GM-less games.

  • Full-color, 24-page A5 saddle-stitch zine

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GM-Less, Map-making, Tarot-driven


James Henderson