a loud noise in a quiet place


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a loud noise in a quiet place is a game about sound. It’s an autobiographical game by Marx Shepherd about temporary hearing loss and understanding disability.

Zines are Risograph printed with a two-color cover and one color interior pages. Each zine also comes with a Risograph printed play aid.

Players explore a character who has recently and suddenly lost hearing. It’s happened before, and they know its temporary, but their doctor requires them to wait seven days before they can get medical help with the issue. Throughout the course of the single 2-3 hour session, one or two players try to manage day to day responsibilities and challenges of the week, with each action or challenge framed in terms of a specific sound the character is trying to hear.

If playing with a partner, one partner is a silent participant for most of the game, unable to communicate or assist the other player, and instead determining the level of challenge each scenario presents. Solo players take on both roles, for a slightly more introspective game.

  • Risograph printed, A5-size, 28-page, saddle-stitch zine

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Marx Shepherd


Slice of Life

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