A Cool and Lonely Courage

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It is the Second World War. France has fallen to the Nazis and Churchill decides to disrupt Hitler’s war machine in the occupied countries. He forms a volunteer group with one mission: to set Europe ablaze. Sometimes known as “Churchill’s Secret Army”, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) recruits agents from all walks of life. Unusually, they recruit women as well as men. It is the only place on the western front where women train for combat operations just like the men.

A Cool and Lonely Courage is a playing-card-driven GM-less storytelling game for 2-5 players (with optional solo variant) in which players become female operatives of the British SOE, front-line spies risking their lives for the war effort and facing brutal torture and execution if caught. The game takes place over 5 chapters, taking players from their arrival behind enemy lines to their eventual capture and imprisonment. Freeform scenes are played out using random cards as prompts, and optional scene suggestions based on real-world historical events.

A tragic, thoughtful game that lets players examine and experience the realities of these women, pivotal to a history that has partially forgotten them.

  • 6″ x 9″ 46-page color softcover book

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Alex White


Historical, Spycraft

RPG Terms

Diceless, GM-Less, One-Shot, Solo, Storytelling

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