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You wake up on a strange planet far, far away with only seven days to live. Do you accept your fate and enjoy the last of your days or do you try to get rescued?

Piloting a space ship seems cool, but crashing on a strange planet is a real occupational hazard. Sometimes, the planet is barren and your chances of rescue are slim. Sometimes, however, you have a playing card deck’s worth of possibilities at your disposal. You might not remember who you are, you might not remember how you got here, and you might not have more than 32% charge remaining in your space suit, but you have options. Explore your surroundings and gather resources. Can you call for help? Perhaps you can survive here after all…

  • 12 pages, A6, black and white cover and interior
  • Requires one d6, a deck of playing cards, and a way to record your last days
  • Content guideline: game contains themes of death and dying alone

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Lost Ways Club


Sci Fi

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Solo, Storytelling

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