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Knave of Cups 2022 Holiday TTRPG Gift Guide

Are you looking for TTRPG gifts for the discerning nerds in your life? How about an indie tarot deck for your favorite oracle? Need some beautiful playing cards for a traditional gaming enthusiast?

Here at KoC, we’ve spent all 2022 collecting a motley assortment of treasures: exactly the sort of objects that can surprise and delight, or y’know: great gifts! Here’s a quick guide of the tastiest morsels in our inventory, just in case you need some help finding the perfect gift for the curious adventurer in your life!

Showstopper TTRPG gifts

Behold, The Gift: glorious objects made with love that say “Hey, you’re amazing and you deserve amazing things.” This is maybe stuff they’ve had their eye on all year, maybe wish list stuff, hopefully stuff they’ll display as proudly as they’ll use. Luxe details. Otherworldly art. This season, we’re proud to showcase a host of curious TTRPG gifts perfect for celebrating the unique people you love.

Unexpected, Weird TTRPG gifts

Sometimes you need a gift from way out of left field. For the appreciator of odd-sized things and beautifully strange objects. For those who collect games that verge on the surreal or the seasoned TTRPG-lover who’d love a surprise. Get a TTRPG gift that will dominate the White Elephant party this year.

TTRPG Gifts $10 & Under

Looking for TTRPG gifts on a budget? Looking to stuff a stocking? Have a bunch of people on your list? We got you – there’s plenty of awesome stuff in the shop that’ll help you stretch your dollar: games, dice, playing cards, and lots of fantastic little friends.

Mystery Zine Bundles

Not sure what to get for someone: Why not leave it up to chance? If the present bombs, you can blame us!

We’ve carefully curated these bundles from our library of zines. Each bundle is $25, and comes with 2-3 ttrpg zines, 1-2 packs of vintage art trading cards, and a mini risograph print. Bundles come in two flavors: solo games and multiplayer games.